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Все официальные и концертные клипы Assia Ahhatt

Assia Ahhatt

Assia Ahhatt was born in Ukraine. After graduating from The National Music Academy, she studied at The Music Academy in Nice, France. As the soloist of The Ukrainian National Philharmonic and the first violin of the string quartet Capris Plus, she performed at many famous European concert halls. In 1999, she released her debut album of modern instrumental album titled "Homo Novus." In 2001, together with Andreas Vollenweider, Mark Knopfler, Robert Plant, Sting and Depeche Mod, Assia Ahhatt took part in Music & Film Festival.

Здесь собраны все официальные и концертные клипы Assia Ahhatt, а также лучшие миксы на клипы Assia Ahhatt. Исполнитель Assia Ahhatt создает свои творения в жанрах: Electronic (Электронная музыка), Female vocalists (Женский вокал).

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Electronic (Электронная музыка) Female vocalists (Женский вокал)

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